Paris Eve

Wednesday, July 20:  It’s really coming down to the wire here with only 100 miles to go until we reach Paris.  Today we drove to Troyes, France (no more borders!) and I got to enjoy (kind of) another sleep day.  This time, however, it was in the van.  Don’t worry, Car 54 was still running under it’s own power, but today I decided to let Jeff have my navigators seat so he could complete his goal of having ridden in all of the cars on the trip.


So while I was stuck in the van, slaving away working on the blog and sleeping my loneliness away, Grampa and Jeff were adventuring on their own away from the group, eating BBQ ribs and having a grand time.

After seeing this picture, I regretted letting Jeff have my seat.

I can’t really think of anything else that happened… I think all of our family members arrived in Paris today, safe and sound so that’s pretty nice.

The last supper before the last supper.

The dominant thought on everyone’s mind is Paris.  Tomorrow is the big day and it’s going to be a little strange for everyone to make the adjustment.  For so long, we’ve had only one ultimate goal and now that it’s with our grasp, it’s a bit of a foreign feeling.  We are planning on making it to Paris though, despite the fact that one of our fuel pumps seems to be giving out and we might be developing some more electrical problems.  But as I’ve said to Grampa, with only 100 miles to go, we don’t need the car to drive well, we just need it to drive.


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