Zurich, Switzerland

Tuesday, July 19: Hello again everyone.  We’ve checked another city off our lists leaving only one to go before we reach our final destination in Paris.  The car is still running without any problems other than the leaky water pump, but we’ve been paying close attention to every detail just in case something happens to go wrong.  A breakdown at this point would rend the very fiber of my being in such a manner that no amount of time could ever hope to restore my happiness.  But of course, that’s not going to happen.


Anyway, last night we were in Zurich, Switzerland.  I have a hard time really describing our overall experience there; it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good.  Like… if red were a bad city, and blue were a good city, then Zurich would just be kind of grayish.  Like if good and bad were two sides of an argument, then Zurich would just stay in the middle.  I’m not really sure how else to explain it… it was all very… neutral.


Honestly, and this is unfortunate, but I would probably say that I will hardly remember anything about Zurich.  I’m sure it’s a nice place, but we were in and out of there so fast that there wasn’t time to even do anything.  I’ll remember the dinner because they gave me an octopus salad, but that’s about it.


The thing that I will remember about yesterday was the solo driving.  As some of you may know, my Grama is from the southern part of Germany, just a short drive from Munich.  So, I have relatives over there.  Obviously, even with our fast pace, it would be horrid of Grampa and I not to call on them.  Unfortunately there was some confusion the night before, so it was up to us to find a place on the road to meet up.  So, around lunch time, Car 54 set out on its own to meet up with my mother’s cousin, or my Grampa’s nephew (we’ll just say relative) Juergen.  It was all very complicated, but eventually we found him on the road and we drove over to the next town for a delightful lunch.  It was nice to operate on our own schedule and we both had a great time catching up with Juergen and talking about how life was going in Germany.

Alas, our time was too short and much too soon we were back on the road, bound for Zurich.  The only part of the drive I remember after lunch was the three countries in 10 minutes part, when we crossed through the very tip of Austria before crossing into Switzerland.  I’m sorry to say that pretty much sums it up for Tuesday, July 19, but at this point it’s pretty much drive baby drive to Paris.  One more night to go before we reach the finish!


Whoa! I almost forgot something else!  After leaving Munich in the morning, the Howles, Dennis, myself, and Grampa all opted to take a detour to Dachau, which was the location of one of the most well-known concentration camps of WWII.  We only had about an hour and a half to take the tour, but I think, given the time, I could have spent an entire day

It was hard to imagine what the conditions were really like. This is a picture inside the barracks where the prisoners slept.

in there.  On top of the emotional reaction you get from being in a place like that, it was all very informative.  That’s definitely one of the places on this trip that I would like to go back to and spend some more time.


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